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Tonglian Group is a large cross-region and multi-industry private enterprise group, mainly specializing in the R & D, production, and sales of large-scale bio-industry, as well as industries including energy, chemistry, produce processing, properties, and hotels. The group has a number of subsidiaries located in Shanghai, Shenyang of Liaoning Province, Hulunbeier of Inner Mongolia, Jingdezhen of Jiangxi Province, and Yueyang of Hunan Province, forming a diversified industrial layout that features the interactive development between the south and the north, complete supporting industries from the upstream to the downstream of the industrial chain, and varied focuses.
During the Twelfth Five-year Period, with the biopharmaceutical industry cluster in Hulunbeier of Inner Mongolia at the lead, Tonglian Group will make large scale strategic investments around China in biological pharmaceuticals, drug discovery, coal, power generation, commercial real estate development, and other industries, and, by focusing on the core of biopharmaceuticals, establish a private enterprise carrier that has scale advantages, industrial chain advantage, diversification advantages, environmental advantages, and technological advantages. During the Thirteenth Five-year Period, on the basis of its own strengths in scale and the resources in Inner Mongolia, Tonglian Group will continue its growth in pharmaceutical industry as well as accelerate the development of related industries. The Group plans to invest 150 billion yuan in establishing a world-class diversified industrial group.